Why Professional Valuers ?

Why Professional Valuers?

Our chartered and registered valuers are accredited by a professional body (the RICS) and must abide by the high standards set up by the body. The professional body therefore provides quality assurance for this specific service sector (property valuation). Appraisals provided by other non-accredited service providers do not have to abide by the highest global standards.

Our chartered valuers have a duty to take responsibility for the advice they are providing. The professional body also requires all its members to take Professional Indemnity Insurance before providing any valuation advice. This is done to ensure that the client is never penalised.

Our chartered valuers must adhere to the highest ethical standards, as set out by the RICS.

In some cases, it is a requirement by the authorities that valuation advice is provided by Chartered Valuers. Valuations (estimations) provided by Estate Agents are not recognised by the Mauritian Courts of Law.

We never seek a doctor’s help for repairs of sophisticated medical equipment as doctors do not possess the required skills to repair medical equipment. Similarly, it is inadequate to request property valuations from land surveyors, estate agents and quantity surveyors, whose main expertise (and therefore skills) lie in land measurement, marketing/sale of properties (communication skills) and cost estimation for constructions respectively.